We help build Balanced Scorecards for Companies and align this with your corporate goals. this is implemented along with the 4 Discipline of execution that makes your widely important goals (WIG) a reality.

“The biggest mistake that organisations make is thinking that the scorecard is just about measures. Quite often they will develop a list of financial and non-financial measures and believe they have a balanced scorecard. This we believe is dangerous”.

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What Sets Us Apart—The differentiator!

We coach Line Managers on how to set measurable targets across the four perspectives (Financials, Customer, Internal Business Process & Learning, Growth & Development).

8 Steps Developmental Process


In developing the balanced scorecard for our esteemed clients, we follow through 8-steps developmental process:


  • Organizational Assessment- Define the mission, vision and corporate values
  • Develop the strategy- Themes, Objectives
  • Define your BSC perspectives
  • Align strategic objectives to the defined perspectives- strategy Map
  • Cascade the corporate scorecard to the lower levels ensuring alignment
  • Evaluate and review
  • Develop training needs from the review/ Areas needing improvements
  • Project report/ road map