Outsourcing means finding better ways of doing business. Unlock hidden growth! We deliver scalable, flexible short or long-term manpower & shared services capacity in terms of management and overheads.

Our Outsourcing service rendition philosophy is based on the fact that Human capital is key to the existence of every successful organization and an important catalyst for development/ change management. The success of every company therefore is subject to getting the right fit for every job and thereby ensuring optimum service delivery to our prospective clients.

Our managed service brings highly engaged auxiliary staff to deliver cost reductions, increase in competitiveness and allows you to focus on your core business. PTK ensures seamless integration of all your administration and HR requirements relating following workforce: Non-Core staff; Secretaries, Sales Representatives, Front Desk Assistants; Factory Workers; Bank Tellers & Cashiers, Warehouse Assistants, Office Attendants; Call Centre Staff; Data Processors, Drivers & Dispatch Riders; Machine Operators, cleaners and other blue-colour staff.

The solution gives benefits in the following areas:


Our Manpower Management over the years in various industries has helped us develop solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

The solution gives benefits in the following areas:

  • 1. Increase productivity
  • 2. Reduce operating expenses.
  • 3. Makes you focus on your core business.
  • 4. Zero industrial crisis
  • 5. Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • 6. Good employee engagement and relations
  • 7. Assurance of qualified and trained personnel
  • 8. Monitor employee performance
  • 9. Prompt attention to Human Resources issues
  • 10. Pool of available manpower
  • 11. Interface between clients and relevant labour authorities
  • 12. All health and insurance matters are promptly tackled

In addition to the aforementioned, PTK Consulting Limited has advantage in the following areas and why you should consider us as your Manpower outsourcing company;


  • 1. Sound team with diverse skills
  • 2. Reference/ Background check.
  • 3. Security Check.
  • 4. Employee Development
  • 5. Performance Management
  • 6. We have professionals with in-depth knowledge of Nigerian Labour Laws
  • 7. Profiling and Personality Test

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What Sets Us Apart—The differentiator!

A copy of our most innovative HR Policies and Procedures shall be forwarded to you. It clearly gives you a competitive edge in terms of people. It helps us manage all people related risks. The policy further defines our standards on Human Resources and the relationship with our staff. We look forward to discussing how we can provide cutting-edge solutions to your company and we hope you will take advantage of this service which will guarantee you absolute “Peace of Mind”.