Before we embark on any recruitment activities, for selection and placement to be reliable and valid, we embark on two core pre-recruitment activities which are Human Resources Planning (HRP) and Job analysis (JA) which will assist us with the person specification.

We understand that employees are the best assets of an organization. We are Passionate about connecting great organizations with the caliber of people that not only fits their job description but also their company culture and values. We have a team of recruitment professionals who specialize in a wide array of industries, many of who came from the industries in which they now recruit.

Our recruiters combine their in depth understanding of their industries with their vast network of industry experts to get quality talent for organizations. Whatever your company size, industry or recruitment needs, we adopt a tailor-made approach for every organization we work with, so you can be assured of quality service and excellent delivery.

What Sets Us Apart—The differentiator!

We have pool of pre-qualified candidates which have been carefully shortlisted from our over 50,000 job applicants’ database. We will also make candidates available to clients between two to three business days.

Our 7-step process offer end-to- end hiring solution


The costs of bad hiring decisions sneak up on an organization and ambush profits, competitiveness, and market share, not to mention affecting employee retention and morale.

Our 7-step process offer end-to- end hiring solution; delivering exactly what you need in the process to fill the vacancy quickly.

  • 1. Kick-off meeting: We first understand the job requirements, person specification and the budget for available positions. This enables us align the business objectives of the role and agreeing on the qualifications that would make someone successful on the job. We review a current approach to attracting candidate’s whiles establishing an advisory relationship in the process.
  • 2. Source: We have a database of more than 40,000 professionals and those that have been pre-screened that are ready for job placement. This step requires building a sourcing strategy with multiple channels for the needed recruitment, mining existing data and targeted social media networking.
  • 3. Screen: This is the stage we assess candidate culture fit based on behavioral analysis, we also administer psychometric web-based tests, phone-screen candidates, and leverage on referral network whiles selling the job opportunity.
  • 4. Schedule: At this step, we may either help client schedule interview or confirm interviews with candidates as well as helping them to prepare for the interview. If the client so wish, we can also be present to observe the interview process.
  • 5. Feedback: At this level, feedback is helpful in both ways. We gather client feedback and the candidate experience. The goal is to improve the process and build client-employer brand. This has helped us build good relationships with our candidates and Clients.
  • 6. Offer: Here, we summarize on in-depth candidate pre-closure. Negotiation happens at this step with the selected candidate and we can help client to put an offer out. Background, Certificates and reference checks may be required here.
  • 7. Onboard: We have an on-boarding model 15:30 which helps new employees to settle down on the job with structured orientation plan. This is the step wherein employee is enrolled into the new organization. Pre-start welcome session and post-start follow up.