The need for training stems from an impending opportunity, problem or need in the organization. Through our training intervention model, we dwell more on organizations training needs to provide a tailored made solution that would suit our client’s long and immediate needs.

We parade resource personnel / facilitators who are professional of tested pedigree and value based orientation. In addition, we have specialist knowledge of the Nigerian economy and strategic business processes to enable us impact positively on your most treasured asset (YOUR EMPLOYEES).

After we have conducted the training program for our client, measurement and evaluation are useful tools to help our client internalize the results-based culture and to track progress. When looking for evidence and accountability in training, the question of what to measure and what data to review is at the heart of the issue.

What Sets Us Apart—The differentiator!

We ensure that the chain of impact for every training program is transferred to the job; as such we carry out evaluation/ assessment on all trainings.

We require our clients to provide training venue and lunch for the participants. The cost of the training would be discussed based on the numbers of employees/ participants for the training program.


At PTK Consulting Limited, we have 5-level evaluation of training outcome process that offer end-to- end framework solution; delivering exactly what clients need at evaluating the training outcome.

Level 1: Reaction and/ or satisfaction and planned action- Here we get feedback on what the participants think about the training program

Level 2: Learning- The evaluation of learning is concerned with measuring the extent to which desired attitudes, principles, knowledge, facts, processes, procedures, techniques, or skills that are presented in the training have been learned by the participants.

Level 3: Job Application and/or implementation- Focus is on the participants, the work setting, and support mechanisms for applying learning.

Level 4: Business Impact- The focus is on the impact of the training process on specific organizational outcomes.

Level 5: Return on Investment (ROI) – Focus is on the monetary benefits as a result of the training. We help our clients evaluate the impact of the training and compare this with the cost. The business impact data is converted to a monetary value in order to know the return on investment.